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Hi, Y’all! I’m Jaki Lynn.

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother.

My mission is to spread more smiles, laughter, love and positivity into the world.


     And also, to share  Jaki Lynn’s Avon Products  and tell you what I love about Avon.

To date, Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women have contributed more than $1 billion to causes that matter most to women

Thanks to supporters like you, the Avon Foundation for Women has been improving the lives of millions of women around the world for more than 60 years, directly touches the lives of women affected by breast cancer or domestic violence.

And consumers can be assured that any product that carries the Avon name has undergone rigorous and thorough safety evaluation and can be used with the utmost confidence.



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Avon’s has a new Health and Wellness Line coming out in 2018: Espira