Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

I started my day with a prayer of thanks, a cup of coffee and then got in a few steps.
I like to make sure I start each morning by directing my thoughts in a positive direction, reminding myself of my blessings and being open to receiving the blessings that are on the way.

I remind myself before I speak my first words each morning to remember the words I start my day with with have a big impact on how my day goes, so I choose them wisely.


Whatever you believe and
say to and about
yourself has great power.

Use words and thoughts
that will uplift, inspire
and encourage yourself
and others.

When you take a look at your life you’ll notice many things are a result of your choices in life.  You can decide today to make choices that will make all of your tomorrows a little better and brighter for yourself and those around you.  Decide you are going to be the one to start change for yourself, for your family or group of friends for a happier healthier and blessed life.

Set the tone today in your interactions with others, be aware of your words and use positive and encouraging ones to lift yourself and others. 

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Jaki Lynn

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