Progress Pics

I’ve had a lot of experience with diets and losing large amounts of weight.

In my teens and 20’s I lost 60 – 80 pounds several times to only gain it back.

Here are some of my progress pics from over the years.
This was in my early 30’s.  Weight Watchers had an home plan that I bought and followed.  I lost exactly 100 pounds and was so excited.  I think I started regaining it the next day.
weight loss progress pics

This was in my 40’s.  I kinda did my own thing here.  Part of the time I did low-carb, then I did nutri-system and then my own plan and I lost over 100 pounds.


And then these are my current pics.  I am doing my own plan and I am allowing my self to eat anything, but focusing on taking care of myself and making choices that support a happy and healthy life.







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