What I eat

I want share a couple of things about my food plan.
This is what works for me.  Everyone is different and needs to create a plan that works for them and one they are willing to live with for the rest of their lives.
If you hate strawberries, but are going to try to force them down each day to try to lose weigh how long do you think you think that will last?

I want you to create for yourself a lifestyle that brings you happiness, and I want you to be excited to get up each morning, knowing you are nourishing your mind, body and spirit and creating a happy and healthy life.

To be successful creating a healthier life you have to be prepared to make some changes.  You don’t want to go on another diet because studies show the majority of people who go on diets gain the weight back.  You want to create a new way of living.

I noticed about a year after having weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy)  I was going back to my old habits and I started gaining weight quickly.  Even weight loss surgery can’t keep you from gaining back the weight.  The only way to have lasting success is when you are willing to making lasting changes to your current lifestyle.


Be sure to read my Healthy food list page by clicking on the image below.



How I eat:

  • Most of the time I eat 6 high protein, high fiber meals  a day (I choose foods from my Healthy Food List page.)
  • I eat about every 3 hours.  I’ve noticed if I go longer than 3 hours I start getting too hungry.  If I get too hungry I don’t make healthy choices and I get grouchy. 😉
  • I make sure I have some protein at every meal (Studies have shown a higher protein intake actually increases levels of the satiety (appetite-reducing) hormones.)
  • I drink at least 64 ounces of fluid daily – coffee, tea, water.

Now you  need to hop on over to my how to lose weight page
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to see how I am putting everything together to create a healthy lifestyle.


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